This is a recipe my mother wanted to share….a rich, chocolatey treat sure to satisfy your sweet tooth & your sweetheart! Though it looks tempting to devour the whole plate, you’ll soon find out that moderation and indulgence go hand-in-hand!

 10 ounces of high quality semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
 1 cup heavy cream
 4 tablespoons unsalted  butter
 1 tablespoon light corn  syrup
 About 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder  for coating
1 )Put chocolate in a double boiler and heat on low  stirring constantly, until most of chocolate is melted.
2) Bring cream to a boil in a separate sauce pan on the stove  or in the microwave. Remove from heat and pour the cream over the  chocolate stirring until the mixture is thick, smooth and shiny.
3) Stir the melted butter into the mixture gently  until it is again smooth and shiny; stir in corn syrup.
4) Line an 8” x  8” inch baking pan with  plastic wrap, pour in the mixture. Press another sheet of plastic wrap against the chocolate and  refrigerate about 2 hours, or until mixture is firm.
5) To form the truffles, scoop out with a soup spoon or melon baller, shaping hardened chocolate into spheres about an inch in diameter. Gently roll spheres in cocoa powder, finely chopped nuts, coconut,  powdered sugar, sprinkles, chopped peppermint, graham cracker crumbs or whatever takes your fancy. Place on waxed-paper lined plate while you work.
6) Place spheres in small cupcake liners to look  attractive and hold them together.
Return truffles to refrigerator  so they  become firm again.  Serve cold.
Enjoy.  They are very good and  well worth the effort!